What We Bake

Pandora’s Bakery bakes traditional crusty bread, cakes and pastries. All of us at Pandora’s Bakery are very passionate about our baking and believe that our high quality come from using the finest, freshest ingredients. The team work through the night to ensure our shops are filled with fresh delicious products every morning and the years of baking experience helps to produce the best products possible.

Bread & Rolls

Here at Pandora’s we produce a loaf the good old fashioned traditional way. Our bakers weigh, mix, knead, prove and bake as the sun rises so our loaves are ready to fill the morning air with the delicious smell of homemade baking. We are passionate about creating crusty high quality bread and rolls for our customers to enjoy. Why would you choose to eat bread or rolls that’s been mass produced from a factory when you can eat one that has been had made fresh this morning?


Our skilled bakers at Pandora’s pride themselves with our fantastic range of cakes, pastries and biscuits. Our bakers make and expertly finish over 30 different types of cakes, from your traditional Belgian Bun but always keep up with the latest trends i.e cupcakes. So what are you waiting for, pop in and see us for a weekly treat for the kids or a sweet treat for you to enjoy with a cup of tea.


We offer a mouth-watering range of golden, flaky savouries from our incredibly popular cheese straws to our luxury individual quiche, which are all baked fresh daily.